Competing Projects 2025

Les temps changent…Line Célo

Les temps changent… is a fine publication presenting the printed works (paintings, photographs or graphics) produced by 12 artists as part of a public commission issued by the CNAP. These works are printed by workshops that uphold traditional know-how, and are intended to be widely distributed by being made available to borrowers.

The works are reproduced in four-color process on the offset side of Splendorlux paper, close to the original support, and the texts are printed, in one tone, on the glossy side of the paper. The choice of Splendorlux paper inspired the rhythmic composition of the railroad, with alternating text and image content.
The cover is printed on both sides in Pantone tones. The title is printed on the front, while the artists’ names are printed on the back, allowing two levels of reading.
Thanks to the choice of these two papers, I was able to give this publication a distinctive, contemporary form.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Pergamenata Bianco 110
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Splendorgloss L/W Premium White 120
Line Célo
Art & Caractère