Winners Archive 2022

HAMANOLes Éditions du Château des ducs de Bretagne

It is an bilingual art book, an exhibition catalogue, about the international Japanese artist Toshihiro HAMANO. New works are presented, for the first time showing in France, including large screens evoking the life of an illustrious Japanese, Prince Shōtoku, through the four seasons, and works impregnated by Zen and humanist philosophies: at the Nantes HIstory Museum (these works will be presented a second time at the Maison de la culture du Japon in Paris next spring). A 168-page paperback book with a large jacket-cover, as is often found on Japanese books. This jacket has been printed on the front and back: with two different coatings, souft touch and mat. The sewing of the book binding was made with black thread.
A sober and elegant graphic to showcase the finesse of the work of Toshihiro HAMANO.
This book was printed by Edicolor print; the photoengraving by Fabrice Naulet (Pixelfab, Loire-Atlantique).

Freelife oikos extra white 300gr
Symbol tatami white 150gr