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Les Quatre détours de Song JiangLes éditions de la Cerise

Les Quatre détours de Song Jiang is a leporello.
We wanted to produce this book in France with a local printer.
In order to sell it at a reasonable price, we had to save on the cost of the production by doing some of the work ourselves. We launched a call for support to which friends, acquaintances as well as strangers responded, while at the same time, the bookbinder took care of what required tools and know-how that we did not possess.

4600 copies in three print runs :
1800 copies in september 2020
1100 copies in february 2021
1700 copies in february 2022

Offset printing.

10294 on the front cover
876C on the back cover
876 C on the back of the cards

Sirio pearl copperplate 125
Sirio color dark blue 115
Arena smooth natural 300
Arena smooth natural 350
Sirio color dark blue 290