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Se souvenir du présent, esprits de l'assemblage.Léa Audouze & Margot Duvivier

Book published following the exhibition “Se souvenir du présent, esprits de l’assemblage.” which took place at 19 — Contemporary art center in Montbéliard (France).
The exhibition took place from September 24, 2021 to January 16, 2022.
This book, like the eponymous exhibition, was born from the meeting between the essayist Arnaud Zohou, who is also a general practitioner of vodoun in Benin, and Anne Giffon-Selle, art historian and director of the contemporary art center on 19 , around the assembly process that operates both in the manufacture of ritual objects and in the works of a certain number of artists. This book brings together a dialogue between Arnaud Zohou and Anne Giffon-Selle, curators of the exhibition; an article on the importance of assemblage in the Fon culture of Benin by art historian Suzanne Preston-Blier; a presentation of the voodoo objects from the Gabin Djimassé collection and a notice for each artist in the exhibition.

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