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Acromatica. Una partida inmortalLaTapadera Creaciones

Acromática. Una partida inmortal is a tour of the work by Mabi Revuelta that uses chess as the common thread, inspired by the most artistic game in history: The Immortal Game (1851). The design of the commemorative book shows this tour in the following stages: Opening: her audiovisual work based on a chess design planned by Marcel Duchamp. Middlegame: her career following the periods of chess (romantic, scientific, hyper-modern and dynamic). Endgame: her most recent works that complete the exhibition.

The book is understood as another extension of the artist’s work, adding the codes and educational character proposed in her work. Elegant, artisan; a red thread binds the publication, as if she had stitched it herself.
To avoid losing that personal character and at the same time achieve a product affordable for the public, the design allows an industrial production process, within the parameters of traditional printing and binding, and of course, environmental sustainability.

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