Winners Archive 2022

Martin Margiela at Lafayette AnticipationsLafayette Anticipations

This exhibition catalogue (Oct 21 to Jan 22), supervised by Martin Margiela himself in collaboration with the famous graphic designer Irma Boom, details in 350 pages the entire process of creating the works in the exhibition.
It alternates photos of the final works with “making of” images, taken by the artist himself. This book shows Martin Margiela’s work of research and inspiration as well as his investment alongside the Foundation’s teams.
Conceived as a workshop book, the catalogue includes several surprises, as Martin Margiela has always known how to reserve for his public.
Chris Dercon recalls his training, his first works and his approach as an artist during his years as a fashion designer, Friedrich Meschede insists on the importance of serendipity in his approach, François Quintin focuses on several of Martin Margiela’s obsessions within his work and Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel retraces the stages and objectives of this exhibition project.

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