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MravenčeníLadislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art (University of West Bohemia)

My author’s book’s content covers the topic of PTSD as a result of sexual abuse in childhood. At the same time it offers a person with such experiences some ways to reduce major difficulties or find help. My own story, accompanied with some extra explanations, is displayed in the first part of the book. The second part dives deeply into the pivotal psychical moments that victims of sexual abuse go through. The illustrations that follow the text were often created immediately after finishing each chapter, which had a real autotherapeutic effect on me. This work aims for increasing the general awareness of the issue of child abuse and its consequences through my own personal experience, completed with some more professional information for victims of sexual abuse, their friends, family or anyone who is interessed to this topic. I would wish for my book to find its way into the hands of everyone who feels alone, lost and searches for a glimpse of hope – just like I did few years ago.

Czech Republic
Arena bulk Natural 140
Pergamenata Bianco 90
Tintoretto Neve 300