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Du vent au bout des doigts - La Conserverie, un lieu d'archives

Du vent au bout des doigts is a book of family photographs. It’s the result of a collection initiated by Anne Delrez.
The book combines and matches images taken from one or another ‘s album.

This is all about men, women, children and birds. About the tickling bird, the caressing one or the scary one. The bird we hope to attract with a bit of nothing, a touch of confidence, a piece of bread. The bird that makes us feel blissful when it finally lands in the palm of our hand, in the warmth of our neck or on top of our head. About the bird which is here but will be soon flying off, immediately after. That little thing coming a long way whose song we won’t surely hear though we know it carries it with itself. About all the winds and landscapes hidden within its feathers. This is all about men, women, children and the pride of having been chosen by a bird to land.

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