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ENTRE PERRO Y LOBO / GinLA COMPAÑIA Branding & Packaging

Entre Perro y Lobo Gin (Between Dog and Wolf) is the expression of the terroir, aromas and flavors that imprint the enchanting essence of the untamed Caldenia region of La Pampa Argentina, carefully mixed with botanicals from Europe and Asia.
Pure expression of life. Of the dichotomies that inhabit our being and the coexistence of “a face carved from the bottom by the fangs of fury alone, and another that dissolves in the mist of the great herds.
Apothecary appearance label, divided into two sections that are attracted to each other:
One with a 1940s poems book cover imprint, which represents meekness, the “dog” facet of this gin and the other one that characterizes the bravery of the wolf between the botanicals that makes EPYL unique.
Wow factor: The “Glow in the dark” finish.

Packaging Design: Agustina Romero & María Julia Cavecedo García from La Compañia
Illustration: Franco Luna
PH: Estudio Sena y Asociados
Maker: Martín Bergia

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