Winners Archive 2022

El Otro RostroLa Cama Sol

We often hide. So we hardly ever leave our “face” exposed. We hide our body under the light, to reveal only what is necessary. This edition aims to “undress” and show both inside and out, to appreciate the work of Plensa together with the poems of Bobin. To represent all this artistic and stylistic singularity of both authors, a semi-transparent paper was used for the cover, with a parchment-like finish. The work is divided into 2 parts, on the one hand the work of Plensa, both at the beginning and at the end of the book, as plates, and the central part (the soul of the book, the most intimate part, where the texts are collected) on Sirio Ultrablack paper and printed with white ink. The book intentionally lacks covers to use, seeking that maximum simplicity, revealing only essential, just as its “Coptic” binding, created by hand and hand-sewn, has its special creation due to its delicate realization, uniting each sheet , and its singular braiding being visible.

Golden star colour Cream 200
Old mill Avorio 190
Golden star colour Cream 100
Sirio ultra black Ultra Black 185