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Peterston Tea - KombuchaKutchibok

Peterston Tea produces 100% single-estate tea. The flute-like bottle conveys a sense of quality, and exclusivity to this premium-aged Kombucha, Welsh, black tea. Labels on base of the bottles, allow for visual, breathing space. We introduced an embossed, glass emblem for the ‘PT’ logo mark, and for the labels we focussed on the landscape horizon line, a theme running through the Kombucha and tea label collection. The ‘PT’ icon emerges from the horizon line, reflecting the seed-to-plant growth journey that makes Peterston Tea so unique. A bespoke pattern was created using the top bar of the ‘T’ from the lower half of the bottle – adding a textural contrast between the bottom half (ground level), and top half (sky). Quality, uncoated paper stock emphasises the tactile nature of the blind, embossed pattern. Bright colours reflect the fresh ingredients, and a combination of silver foil, high gloss varnish and ink create a sense of quality maximising visual impact.

United Kingdom
Tintoretto WS FSC™