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Mareiner Wood Refinementkest werbeagentur

Mareiner is an Austrian company specializing in wood refinement. Local timber is planed, chopped, brushed, flamed and charred in the manufactory, so that it can then be applied indoors and outdoors in residential buildings, hotels and chalets.

For natural, high-quality, simple and clear communication, high-quality materials are likewise utilized in production. In line with Mareiner’s claim and corporate design, “Materica” paper is used, since it fits perfectly into Mareiner’s color world, is very easy to process and, with the different shades, is also very well suited for series. This means that Mareiner has ONE corporate paper for all possible media and application purposes: business cards, document folders, sample cases, chocolate packaging and much more.

Creative Communication
Materica Pitch 120
Materica Pitch 250
Materica Pitch 360
Materica Kraft 250