Winners Archive 2022

Dialog*innenKarlsruhe University of Arts and Design

Who does our society pay attention to? Who gets to speak, is heard, can participate? What and how do we remember?

Based on these questions, my diploma project “Dialog*innen” is dedicated to the diversity of women’s perspectives. In 30 conversations with very different women from my homewtown, I collected impressions of present and past female lives. Now, during city walks with groups of locals, I take places as an opportunity to show audio excerpts from the conversations and provide insights into my research. The groups listen to quite intimate stories together, which creates not only an individual but also a shared experience. By linking the places with the voices, the city becomes a storehouse of memories.

To plan future city tours and document the collection, I designed a printed archive. On 134 pages all my interlocutors are portrayed and quotes show the topics addressed. The archive can be bound as a publication or hung as an exhibition graphic.

Johanna Müller
Ivan Weiss