Winners Archive 2022

MAMORU KAWAGUCHI. INNOVATION AND TRADITION IN STRUCTURAL DESIGN. A book published by the IASS- International Association for Shell and Spatial StructuresJuliane Petri

The book commemorates the legacy of late Professor Mamoru Kawaguchi, one of the most outstanding structural designers of the 20th century. The book design is a warm and human portrait. The cover with a certain roughness reminds to the materials like the rough concrete which appears as a kind of naked reproduction, without superfluous ornaments, same as the structures designed by MK. Another important choice was the natural white paper color nuance. It is an empty space which expressing honesty. The whole object of the book was also conceived as a “Touch-and-feel” structure, which was a special of MK. The book as object reflects this kind of behavior. The book appears as a solid structure with a certain kind of elasticity.
The cover photograph reproduced with silver ink and black is an expression of nobility and respect for tradition. Being the book an extensive technical catalogue the overall design concept makes it warm and human.

Arena rough Natural 140 g/m2
Materica Clay 250 g/m2