Winners Archive 2022

SINC Corporate Christmas CardJulia Neller

Each year I design the annual Christmas card for SINC GmbH, a company that offers customized, user-friendly digital systems. As a consistent medium of their printed corporate communication the card comes with 3 steady ingredients (logo, fonts and wording), but a completety different approach in design and materialization each year. Instead of producing a short lived disposable item the annual card is designed as a sustainable object to keep and share with the familiy (flipbook, calendar, or as for 2021 a board game), exploring the limitations of different production techniques. As a result the greeting card creatively pairs SINC’s technical core and tinkerer spirit with state-of-the-art production techniques, but adds emotional value (christmas spirit) with a wink. Both is embodied on the front and inner side of 2021’s folded card which unfolds as a board game. Most importantly each year’s card playfully evokes interaction with the recipient (and their families) and SINC.

Creative Communication
Arena rough Extra White 140