Competing Projects 2021 - Winner

JORDI’S s.r.o.
Jordi's chocolate

Two young enthusiasts boys from Hradec Kralove resumed the craft production of chocolate and thus fulfilled their dream. They are dedicated to the entire production process, from cocoa beans to the table. Jordi’s chocolate started as the Chocolate store but their real desire was to make their own chocolate, from bean to bar. After hard work and education in the field of real chocolate, they managed to build a small manufactory in early 2012 to produce Jordis chocolate from cocoa beans to the table. Their first batch of chocolate using an 8 kg Santa stone grinder and beans they bought from Francois Pralus. The pair roasted the beans in a conventional oven, crushed and winnowed them by hand and tempered the chocolate on a marble slab. The illustrations on the cover are by artists Karel and Patrik Saudek. And so a dream was born called Jordi’s chocolate.

Czech Republic
Paper Used
Woodstock Betula 285g
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