Winners Archive 2019

Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié / X Artists' Books / Média Graphic
First place - Zus

Sensitive Urban Areas, or “ZUS”, are poor districts on the outskirts of Paris defined by the authorities as areas needing policies designed to offset the emergence of social problems.The visual journey by photographer Benoît Fougeirol analyses these areas not only through images but also using graphics, models and techniques borrowed from architecture and urban planning. The author highlights the stubborn vitality and abandonment of the ZUS and raises questions about individual perspectives. The care underlying the production of this book and its socially relevant content thoroughly impressed the Jury.

Paper Used
Woodstock Grigio 225 g/m2 (cover), Woodstock Grigio 80 g/m2 (folders) Woodstock Bianco 80 g/m2 (inside)
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