Winners Archive 2022

La crepa ISIA Urbino - Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche

“La crepa” is a big dimension book-exhibition that opens up multiple reading paths on the Veneto landscape, a land of monocultures and autotropolises.

The author poses herself as a sensible body capable of looking into the contemporary abyss. Through photography and writing, Anita Cariolaro questions the user about the relationship between our human bodies and the new infrastructures, real or virtual.

Editorial project:

“La Crepa” is not only an editorial project  but also a sculptural object that requires a space suitable for its use: it can be leafed through with both hands and must be observed in a standing position.

The narration starts from both covers and meets in the center. Through the pages there are three photographic posters (100×50 cm) folded in eighth and inserted into the elastic of the book block. Like the posters, the pages are also designed to be pulled out: the quarters can be hung on a horizontal wire and become a third way of narrating the book as an exhibition.

Anita Cariolaro
Armin Linke