Competing Projects 2025

26 – Idea di libro, libro, tovagliettaISIA U – Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche di Urbino

Project realised with Aurora Pelaggi and Lorenzo Urgesi.
P. Collin: How should one look at the ready-made?
M. Duchamp: Basically, it should not be looked at. It is simply there; one becomes aware of its presence through the eyes. But one does not contemplate it as a painting. The idea of contemplation disappears completely. We simply take note of the fact that it is a bottle rack, or that it is a bottle rack that has changed its destination.
The photographic project starts from this consideration of Duchamp’s ready-made and plays with triptychs to show 3 different narratives for each of the 51 selected objects.
The 3 different reading levels present the object in 3 different stages of its manifestation: its idea, the concrete and real object itself and its most absurd decontextualisation.

Matteo Mariangioli
Mario Cresci