Winners Archive 2022

Olea Jacta EstHula Estudio

Growing organic “redondilla” variety olive trees in La Rioja Alta, at an altitude of 654 m, with cold and long winters and short summers is, as the producers themselves admit, a risky bet, which undoubtedly it requires the collaboration of nature itself.
These circumstances were the ones that motivated us to design a label in which the coexistence between the olive trees, grown organically, and the nature of their environment, was represented by the main illustration.
To make the illustration, we resort to this engraving technique, which brings analog finishes to the design, in which error and the trace of craftsmanship, as opposed to the ‘perfection’ of digital finishes, result in an image that is very richer, perceived by the consumer as the image of a product ‘with soul’.
We didn’t want to use papers with glossy finishes or plastic labels, so we chose Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof paper because it gives the label a natural and is also resistant to oil stains.

Tintoretto WS FSC™