Winners Archive 2022

Bereit sein ist alles.HSLU - Hochschule Luzern

Does everything have to be in concrete composition with its neighbor? What came before and what comes after? Do I feel freer when I stop searching for meaning? What is really important?
Max Frisch‘s story Man in the Holocene represents a „disintegrating figure through its reflexes on the environmental situation“ (Frisch, climate to structure) and deals with the existential questions of presence. My work presents a visual interpretation of the Holocene narrative in the form of an art book. The focus is on expressing the unspeakable and working with the gaps and broken edges of the Holocene. Through various creative methods, a view of the world is shown in which being ready becomes the core business – being ready for everything that may come.

Sophie Meret Müller
Margrit Zumstein