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StandstillHochschule Augsburg - University of Applied Sciences

Every year in Germany, 65,000 people die of sudden cardiac arrest, and on average only about 10% survive. Only by performing a so-called lay resuscitation, which consists of only 2 important rules that can be learned within a few minutes, could be added to the 6,500 survivors another 10,000 – 16,500 lives. In this work, Lara Timm conveys the most important first aid measures in the event of heart failure in a vivid manner and using the metaphor of a bicycle.

Term Project: From the heart. – Tracking down the facts, myths and symbolism of the vital muscle.
In this project, students exploreed the heart in all its facets: its function as an organ, its meaning as a symbol: in heraldry, in card games, in religion, in music, in fairy tales and in communication design itself.

Lara Timm
Michael Stoll