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24 Solar terms notebookHeBingsong Visual Art Co., LTD

He Bing Song 24 Solar Terms notebook, from “Start of Spring” to “Major Cold”, brings together the cultural connotation of the 24 solar terms, is a tribute to classic Chinese culture. With 24 original solar term posters, it is even more precious.

Notebook hard cover binding, with appropriate sense of scale, comfortable and natural touch, 200*130mm universal size, suitable for multi-purpose needs, with creative stickers, marking inspiration moment.

The solar term poster is integrated into the inner page. The rich design elements come from the love of art. I hope it can become an important tool for every user to record their daily and life experiences and write down better thoughts. Rich colors and pictures bring pleasant visual enjoyment, but also allow you to enter the vast world of art, philosophy, culture and life.

Single-side insertion of notebook packaging, using a minimalist packaging box, to save material to the greatest extent.

Creative Communication
Tintoretto crema 95gsm