Winners Archive 2022

Sands&SpicesHarcus Design

‘Sands&Spices’ is a range of spices and condiments designed for Spicers for ‘Bereber Sand Ultra’ inspired by the Moroccan dunes revealing the inherent warmth and texture of the stock’s natural and organic origins.
The design implements the concept of patterned tessellated tiles with colours evoking the richness of a Marrakesh bazaar bedded on earthy desert sand.
The diecut keyshape is nested and repeated like Moroccan tessellated tiles. The keyshape multiplies across the range of exotic spices and luscious condiments with each variant label having its own distinguishing motif and colour palette.
Designed as a limited edition exemplar for the Spicers ‘Wine & Gourmet Companion’, a compendium of self-adhesive stocks, used in the packaging of wine, beer, spirits and gourmet foods. Three varying sheets – each with 6 kinds of the nested diecut labels – were printed for the inclusion in the compendium. A limited edition produced for launch, promotion and display.

Bereber Sand Ultra WS FSC™