Winners Archive 2022

Vermouth AntichGrow Disseny i Comunicació S.L.

Antich is not just a brand. It is the story of six generations of a family and a city, Barcelona; with the authentic first vermouth, dated 1850, and the transmission of a way of living life.

The recovery of the mythical Vermouth Antich, with the recipe from the s. XIX, 100% ecological and with all the Mediterranean character, it is undoubtedly one of the most challenging projects of 2021 for Grow.

We have preserved the damask elements (background pattern) of the original label and have also redesigned and simplified the original crest.

In this project there is an intense work of illustration, typography and finishes.
The material used is Waterproof Ivory 110, and in this we have applied four pantone inks, two hot stampings, a die with two bodies, and various varnishes and reliefs.

This project has been printed by one of the oldest and most experienced printers in Barcelona: Vidal & Armadans.

A project with character and a lot of personality.

Waterproof FSC™