Winners Archive 2022

THE MISSING EYEGiovanni Murolo

Book design by me of “THE MISSING EYE” a photographic book by Mattia Parodi and Piergiorgio Sorgetti.
Published in March 2021 by Witty books.

The Missing Eye is a research that turns the photographic device to visual projections that aren’t deduced from our immediate experience of reality but are the result of the combination of different cognitive paths in which all senses participate in sight. The gaze dissolves itself and the eye becomes a changing object of our perceptions, an abstract organ capable of processing images beyond retinal impulses. The photographic gesture captures the visual mechanism and transcends it, bringing attention to the typical transfigurative mental visions of the dream, sunk in memory and relegated to the unconscious.

Freelife vellum White 140
Sirio color rough Royal Green 350