Winners Archive 2022


Catalogue for the exhibition Mendiburu Matter and Memory held at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. Mendiburu was one of the most unique figures in Basque sculpture of the 20th century. His work is characteristic because he used casual materials from his environment, which is why the covers of the book are already a declaration of intent: handwritten annotations by the artist himself with a list of materials associated with the ‘poor art’. The covers are lined in chestnut brown fabric, in allusion to the style and large sculptural volumes of Mendiburu’s wood. Inside there is a first visual section dedicated to his work, on heavy paper, due to the idea of associating it with the weight and the consistency of his sculptures. In the 2nd half there is a selection of texts, on lighter paper, with a typographic use that combines the years of creation of Mendiburu (Signifier font) with a more contemporary style (Söhne font). Despite its 380 pages the format is very comfortable and manageable.

Old mill White 190
Old mill White 130
Sirio color rough Royal Green 210