Winners Archive 2022

SmeerFonk Studio

Fonk Studio created the logo, label and packaging for Smeer, a brand that produces handmade soap.
These soaps are unique as well as sustainable and ecological.
The soaps are made by hand in the cold, traditional way. With natural vegetable and essential oils.
➿ The e’s within the logo are a nod to the twisting motion we make when we “soap” ourselves. This element is printed in the soaps as a signature.

For the packaging, we stayed true to our eco-story.
The labels are printed on Label Tintoretto Gesso. An uncoated felt-marked paper made with ECF pulp and wet-strength treatment suitable for labelling applications.
For the packaging we chose CRUSH, an original, creative and ecologically responsible range from @igepabelux .

Igepa Crush Corn/Mais 350
Tintoretto WS FSC™