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SINGULARITY - Perpetual CalendarFlorian W. Mueller - Photography

Perpetual Calendar with 12 Motives from my internationally awarded SINGULARITY series.
100% handmade.
The motif sheets are printed in the binding of bookscrews.
The individual sheets can be changed or removed at will.
The handmade calendar is convincing – besides its motives – also through its sustainability.
The pictures can not only be exchanged at will and may also be replaced each year by new ones will be.
The “framework” of the perpetual calendar, the back wall, the binding with the book screws and the calendar as a timeless mechanism, remains, the replaced images can be archived or framed.
Each copy of the SINGULARITY Calendar comes numbered and signed.

– Offset printing, 4/0-color
– Hot foil stamping in gold on the binding and the wheels

– Binding made of black cardboard with book screws
– Mounting the mechanism for the perpetual calendar (For this purpose, the wheels are movably attached with an eyelet on the back of the cardboard

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