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Action Reaction / Alessio BolzoniFlash Art Studios

Flash Art loves borderlines, as in the situation of discussion – action – reaction. We’ve been doing it since 1967. Alessio Bolzoni’s work is courageous and direct. With perfect timing.
This is why we are supporting it with this publication, which activates the memory of a moment that is still in progress.
Action Reaction by Alessio Bolzoni inserts, in an inflated photographic geometry, performative acts through which the bodies and the identities that inhabit them allude to actions of physical contrasts, muscular tensions, acrobatic adventures, contractions, releases, torsions, falls and get-ups. Bolzoni’s bodies are restless and reactive, and in their tensions they echo
the memorable provocations of performance art. At the same time, they are symbolic bodies that defy the challenges of time with its uncanny contemporaneity and push it to the reactions of a re-generative impulse.

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