Winners Archive 2022

BBBeatTape Casette TapeFine Grains Records

‘BbBeatTape’ is a cassette release on Fine Grains by Norwegian producer Beatbully. He is originally from Hamar which is known for black metal and a medieval cathedral (Domkirkeruinene på Hamar, 1124). The image on the tape is a photo of the cathedral in 1902 by Anders Beer Wilse. We sourced the original from the Norsk Folk Museum and made magnesium clichés of it and a graphical layout. For the graphic cliché I gave Japanese/Venezuelan artist Efrain Vivas an advance of the music, he got inspired and came back with many drawings. I picked out the elements that worked best with the photo, made a layout then created a logo that fitted the 90s/black metal/skweee aesthetic. With letterpress master Thomas Gravemaker we chose the right Fedrigoni paper to compliment the psychedelic magenta/cyan gradient we planned to print on top. To create the gradient Thomas manually added ink to the roller every few prints. The result is that every cover has a unique gradient.

Sirio color Celeste 210