Winners Archive 2022

Finca El ColmenarEva Arias Graphic Studio

Bees thrived in Finca El Colmenar (hence the name: Colmenar means apiary), when the Coloma family established their winery there, more than 50 years ago.
Today they are still there, living together with the vines, a clear sign of the care the family has put into sustainable maintenance, a big concern for them.
Such cohabitation, a source of pride for the winery, was the design concept for this wine, an exquisite coupage created using the most characteristic varieties from the Finca as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the winery.
The label, elegant and delicate, recalls the existing harmony between the vines and the surrounding ecosystem. The illustration with India ink reinforces this idea and the subtleness of the rest of the design elements contribute to create a serene atmosphere.
The Cotone Extra White guarantees the reliefs visibility and contributes with its elegance to this Premium project.

Cotone Ultra WS