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Sangarida - Bierzo D.O.Estudio Marta Lojo

The Sangarida project presented us with the challenge of projecting the legend of Sangarida and Attis and their love story.
A line of three labels in which we tell this story with the realization of classic illustration, which convey quality and tell a great story.
Greek mythology tells that Attis was a handsome young man, chosen by the goddess Cibeles to care for her religious cult in exchange for swearing chastity and celibacy forever. However, Attis fell madly in love with a nymph named Sangarida and broke his oath. Cibeles punished Sangarida and made Attis crazy, who mutilated himself. Grieving by the event, Cibeles resurrected Attis by turning him into a pine tree as a symbol of the great mother nature.

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