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A Idade do PapelEstúdio João Campos

A Idade do Papel [The Age of Paper] is a two-volume collection dedicated to the Portuguese art of engraving. This first volume focuses on the life of Joaquim Carneiro da Silva (1732-1818), the first master engraver at Impressão Régia [Portuguese Royal Printing House], a distinguished pedagogue, and a distinctive player in the visual culture of the Enlightenment in Portugal.
As a tribute to such a remarkable figure and to this noble field of craft, this book is a celebration to the graphic-arts as a unique waltz among typographic choices, paper selection and printing details. And as a way of bringing us even closer to Joaquim’s works, each chapter opens with the step-by-step method he developed for the design of letterpress type.
As an object of creation, this book is a way of honoring the cleverness and the peculiar ingenuity of Joaquim Carneiro da Silva.

Sirio pearl Platinum 350
Arena rough Natural 120