Winners Archive 2022

Smart Sophistication of Ha-Ey Erica Yunwook Choi Ltd

Visual identity for a London based architect-engineer duo Harriott-Eyles (a.k.a. Ha-Ey). Studio EYC proposed a design system and print specs inspired by the value and Ha-Ey’s approach to work. As RGB colour range takes a significant role for brands in the digital era, it often limits paper or colour choices. This business card with hot foiling in white on Fedrigoni Sirio Iris truly shines Ha-Ey’s creativity and smart sophistication in the best.

Client: Ha-Ey @ha_ey_harriott_eyles
Design direction: Erica Choi @erica_choi_uk
Logo design: Erica Choi @erica_choi_uk
Primary typeface: Greycliff CF @connaryfagen

Creative Communication
United Kingdom
Sirio color Iris 350