Winners Archive 2022

3rd place

Gotico-Antiqua, proto-roman, hybrid. 15th-century types between gothic and romanENSAD/ANRT, Poem, les presses du réel

Conference papers & exhibition catalogue, edited & designed by Jérôme Knebusch. Co-publication ENSAD Nancy, ANRT, Poem, les presses du réel, 2021.

The book brings together researchers from the fields of typography, palaeography and incunabula studies, with a particular focus on type and letterforms. The relatively understudied period – after Gutenberg and before the consolidation of Jenson’s model – extends from the earliest traces of ‘humanistic’ tendencies to ‘pure’ roman type, including many cases of uncertain or experimental design, voluntary hybridisation and proto- or archaic roman.

Essays by Olivier Deloignon, Riccardo Olocco, Martina Meier, Nikolaus Weichselbaumer & Mathias Seuret, Dan Reynolds, Christopher Burke, Ferdinand Ulrich, Rafael Ribas & Alexis Faudot, Jérôme Knebusch. Foreword by Christelle Kirchstetter and Thomas Huot-Marchand. Exhibition part by Jérôme Knebusch (curator).

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