Winners Archive 2022

Cariño, the future-classic clothing lab.ELISAVA

The alarming situation of overproduction and consumption in the fashion industry has led to a devaluation of garments and the disposal of it has been ingrained in people’s everyday behaviour, reducing the fabric’s life cycle to a minimum.

Cariño is an up-cycling space that serves as a common ground for traditional craftsmen and cool kids with the aim of bringing back the most genuine and human side of fashion. It offers consumers a meaningful experience where they can get involved in the process of repairing and customising their own pieces of clothing.

The idea was born out of the desire to recover the local artisan’s heritage and remind customers of the joy in cherishing special and unique pieces. Cariño is influenced by the Spanish culture and the appreciation of the ‘savoir-faire’.

The graphic proposal is based on the implementation of the stitch cross from a contemporary perspective. This embroidery technique requieres dedication, time and ’mucho cariño’.

Creative Communication
100% Virgin Fibre Grey 55