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Pinocchio Vermilion II EditionElettra Deganello

The 2nd edition of Pinocchio Vermilion, presented to the public in 2021, offers a fresh take on the Pinocchio deck released in 2018.
Dedicated to the character of Mangiafuoco (literally “Fire-Eater”), Pinocchio Vermilion was commissioned by Passione Playing Cards LLC (California, USA) and printed by The United States Playing Card Company with the patronage of the Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi.
The new edition edited by Elettra Deganello is colour-edged with a vibrant red, and the illustrated tuck box is dedicated to the illustrator Attilio Mussino, a pivotal inspiration for the whole Pinocchio series.

Sirio color Lampone 290 g/m²