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IncompiutoEkostudio di Stefano Pallavisini

“Roberto Giangrande’s ‘Incompiuto’ is a volume published in June 2024 in co-edition by emuse (Italian publishing house) and Light Motiv (French).
The publication includes more than fifty unfinished works photographed by Roberto Giangrande between 2016 and 2019, buildings and infrastructural works enveloped in a diaphanous, faded light, without human presence, without life. His images transport us to a recurrence of the absurd where the present does not exist and the memory of places can no longer be shared. An alternative journey to an ‘elsewhere’ in Italy that is not visited, that does not appear in tourist guides, that becomes a concrete sign and symbol of an aberration, both aesthetically and socially.
The book object itself, with a layout that refers to the emptiness of the structures and which with its orange dust jacket recalls the network of construction sites, refers to incompleteness and raises a question about the future of these works.

Fedrigoni Special Papers - Materica Kraft 250
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Stefano Pallavisini
Poligrafiche San Marco