Winners Archive 2022

Ettore Sottsass, l'objet magiqueE+K — Élise Gay & Kévin Donnot

Exhibition catalog for “Ettore Sottsass, l’objet magique” at Centre Pompidou, Paris. The book is composed of five chrono-thematic parts, each featuring a critical text and a sequence of works. The principle of iconographic composition aims to put in relation the finished pieces and elements of documentation (preparatory drawings, exhibition views, settings, graphic interpretations, details, etc.) in order to make visible their creative process and the cultural context of the time. Each type of textual part (contemporary critical paper, historical publication of Ettore Sottsass, annex pages) are identified by a singular color which proposes a circulation in a colored range resulting from the books of the designer.

Arena smooth Natural 120
Arena bulk Natural 120