Winners Archive 2022

New Years Mailing Druckerei Siepmann

For our New Year Mailing, which was produced and send to our costumers in January 2021, we made something special after a very stressfull Year 2020.
Together with kruut and FARGO, we made a Packaging with three little bottles in it. The bottles contain drinkable substances. One bottle is for rest, one for well-being and one for strength. Our costumers mix the substances from the bottls with water and this should give them rest, well being or strenght for the common next year.
The Packaging is a cardboard packaging. That means we only used one sheet of Paper to form it and didn’t used any adhesive materials. We cooperated with an agency named FARGO who made the Design for the package and we‘ve printed, folded, packaged it and send the finished product to our costumers.

Symbol card eco white 360