Winners Archive 2021

1st place

Big KitchenDesisto

Big Kitchen was born from a challenge brought to us. João Miranda asked us to design a type specimen for his typeface “big.” As type lovers we couldn’t be happier but wanted to think bigger, and beyond a publication, we propose to do a live type specimen: an Exhibition. We created its flexible identity system as a starting point, and from there we set the tone for the whole exhibition. We collaborated with João Miranda in designing all the artworks with augmented reality by Serafim Mendes, woodwork by Fica – Oficina Criativa and pen-plotter magic by MILL.

Creative Communication
Woodstock Rosso 170g (Posters Exhibition/Posters Pen Plotter) / Arco Print Milk 150g (Posters Pen Plotter) / Materica Gesso 180g (Type Specimen)