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Fjori Fôra RebrandingDesign Bureau Izvorka Jurić / Motus Vis d.o.o.

Fjori Fôra is a result of a full-scale rebranding project in which we set out a new brand strategy and brand architecture for the complex group of Ćurin products. A new name, verbal communication, brand visual identity, and design of the packaging were created. The Ćurin family makes natural products, primarily cosmetics, based on a line of essential oils from wild and grown plants. The almost monochromatic identity approach emphasizes the importance of the plant and its originality, and the use of the hot foil stamped elements in dark gold-copper color communicates the high value of the product. Identity communicates both strength and the tenderness of the natural approach and products, while subtly combining the necessary elegance, exclusivity, and the natural sources from which the products originate. The look and the tactile element of the paper were very important. All the stationery is printed on Fedrigoni Materica Gesso, with envelopes produced in various formats.

Creative Communication
Materica Gesso 100