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Pietro Francesco Batterista Futurista: More than a fairytale...Design-Associati

Pietro Francesco Batterista Futurista is a children’s book, but simultaneously a tribute to Fortunato Depero and to futurists, artists that, in the beginning of the 20th century, with their powerful energy, opened the doors of art to the world and viceversa, creating the first artistic vanguard that proposed a new world for the new men.
This book would like to create an opportunity to introduce and bring these significant artists closer to young children. Ranging from the colour palette, to characters or advertising subjects, through different techniques (collage, paint, ink) and binding, the illustration of the story take inspiration from the wide variety and prolific creations of Depero, that incorporated the art of painting, sculpture, architecture, industrial design, advertising, ecc.

Arcoset White/White 300 gr