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Calendario tipografico Collezione Salce Museo Nazionale TrevisoDesign-Associati

design-associati continues the long journey started in 2005 by proposing a 2021 calendar with a typographic theme.
The common thread of the projects carried out this year is the Salce Collection, an impressive collection of advertising posters donated to the Italian State by Ferdinando Salce.
More than 24,500 pieces collected and stored in the attics of his house in the historic center of Treviso, today the property of the “Permanent Salce Museum”.
12 posters from this precious collection are the starting point for the development of 12 fonts that design-associati presents to us on a wall calendar. The studio’s graphic designers, inspired by the art of illustrators who knew how to communicate with images, colors, shapes, the essence of important Italian companies, respectfully transported the typographic style of the first half of the 20th century to the year 2021. The agenda and calendar, a tribute to these artists and companies, tell a bit of their story.

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