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Orbikular Type SpecimenCoType Foundry

Orbikular is an instant classic in any designer’s toolkit. Residing in the space between a Transitional and a Scotch Roman, this typeface will feel instantly familiar to any reader.

With Orbikular, we created a functional serif family that can stand the test of time, whilst still feeling modern and unique. Each lettershape has been crafted with great attention to detail in order to ensure great legibility at large and small sizes.

To help showcase our first serif typeface, we teamed up with the king of editorial design Matt Willey and Chantal Jahchan at Pentagram to design an A3 type specimen which is available for FREE on all Orbikular Essential and Full Family purchases.⁠ Printed by Identity Print in black, green and fluorescent orange ink.

United Kingdom
Arena bulk Natural 90gsm