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Altform Type SpecimenCoType Foundry

Altform is a solid and deceptively simple sans serif family with an alter-ego. Resulting from the marriage between a geometric sans and a grotesque, this typeface has a universally neutral appeal.

Our goal in creating Altform was to offer a functional and sturdy sans serif family, which can adapt itself to multiple settings. The Thin and Black weights can be used to make a statement at large sizes, while the in-between weights feature great legibility in running text. With its many alternate shapes, Altform offers great value for designers since it can be re-used time and time again.

To help showcase our newest typeface ‘Altform’ we produced an 88 page, A5 type specimen book with exposed spine which is available for FREE on all Altform Essential and Full Family purchases.⁠ Printed by @identityprint⁠⁠

United Kingdom
Arcoset White 170gsm
Arcoset White 120gsm