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Aeonik Pro Specimen BookCoType Foundry

In creating Aeonik Pro, we took our best-selling type family ‘Aeonik’ and refined it further, whilst also adding support for Cyrillic and Greek. As a result, Aeonik Pro is now sharper, tighter, and more versatile than ever. There are seven weights, ranging from Air to Black, each with oblique italics. With more than 900 characters and plenty of alternates to choose from, this workhorse type family is a must have in any designer’s toolset.

To help showcase our typeface Aeonik Pro, we teamed up with Semiotik_design in Greece to design two specimen books. The small book focuses on the glyphs and sculptural expression within Aeonik Pro, whereas the large book showcases the possibilities and visual expression of this extensive typeface. ⁠

Printed by FutureFormat⁠.

United Kingdom
Arena rough Ivory 170gsm
Arena rough Ivory 120gsm