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HUMANATUREContradictions In Ilk

Our collection of cruelty free, gender-free and planet-friendly fragrances are inspired by human-nature, specifically the contradictions within us.

This new duo of fragrances, exclusively for Selfridges, intends to highlight and explore the contradictory relationship between Man and Nature. Layered together they will achieve the balance we strive for, and recreate the intersection between mankind and the world around us.

The packaging looks to echo this; handmade boxes feature scanned handprints and local pressed flowers, inside we have used plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds, and the caps are handmade by a local artist – featuring either dandelion seeds or metal offcuts.

The materials chosen were done so with specific intent. The nature inspired Materica collection was perfect as the texture, shades, and ecological principles are perfectly aligned to our values. The Cottone Bianco labels on the bottle provide the perfect tactile moment.

United Kingdom
Materica Terracotta 250
Materica Verdigris 250
Cotone Ultra WS