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Cerenany Mansion Restaurant menusCodes Creative, s.r.o.

The luxury 4,5 star restaurant Mansion Cerenany regularly ranks among top 5 restaurants in Slovakia. The chef has cooked for many celebrities and politicians, among them for example Queen Beatrice, King Harald, Bai Ki Moon and a number of presidents.
The restaurant is located in a medieval fortress which was renovated to a renaissance mansion in the 17th century.
We aimed to design a menu set befitting the restaurant and its location: classic but with a modern touch.
The set consists of the food menu, beverage menu, wine list and a specially made wine book of Slovak wines. The wine book introduces famous Slovak wine regions and local producers, describing their most famous and typical wines. Since the menus have to withstand heavy daily use, we chose to use Tintoretto Gesso paper, which was a logical choice. The project uses a combination of printing techniques: offset, screen printing, digital printing and hot foil stamping.

Creative Communication
Tintoretto gesso 240
Sirio pearl fusion bronze 350